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Belgrade - restaurants

Kafana (PUB) Dačo

One of the most famous restaurant where guests can taste a well prepared meal of Serbian cuisine. Most dedication is put in to the authenticity and the quality of food and  to the interior of the restaurant that matches the Serbian tradition. And if you order any choice of juices you will be served only with domestic made of fresh fruit. Food all thou rich in calories and  strong (meat, beans ...) it's nicely prepared so it's easy to stomach and very tasty.

Patrisa Lumumbe Street 49

Tel. +381 11 2781 009, +381 11 782 422

Le Moliere Bistro

Authenticly furnished  French bistro is located directly next to the French Cultural Center in Knez Mihailova street. For the complete atmosphere contributes soft ambient sounds of chanson, murmur of the neighboring tables, excellent selection of wines and many types of champagne. Great place for a business lunches. The menu is made up of original dishes from  French cuisine and changes on a daily basis. It is possible to order the steak tartar and prepare it according to your own taste.

Zmaj Jovina Street 11

Tel. +381 11 2188 161

Restaurant Šaran (Carp)

Restaurant Šaran (Carp) is a restaurant with a  century long tradition. Completely restored in 2004 corresponding to the highest standards of restaurants today. This restaurant offers specialties mainly from freshwater fish but offers seafood also. So this is one of the attempts to get Belgrade closer to the Mediterranean. Especially when organizing traditional event like 'Days of the Hvar cuisine'. The atmosphere is complemented with tambura orchestras. Situated in the bohemian part of Zemun at the Danube quay.

Kej Oslobođenja 53

Tel: +381 11 2618235

Royal Knez Restaurant

Renowned restaurant of Mediterranean cuisine for many years maintained an enviable quality. It is located next to the  Knjeginje Ljubice Palace near the Main Cathedral (Saborna Crkva). To complete the full gastronomic pleasure there is a complete offer of National cuisine specialities. The service is first class and unpretentious culinary arrangements give a high value of this gastronomic corner in Belgrade. Interior design has elements of aristocratic and exclusive with a paintings   of a well-known Serbian authors.

Kneza Sime Markovića Street No.10

Tel. +381 11 2631 545

Slow Food Restoran ABC

Exterior nor interior does not reveal a rich gastronomic experience that this restaurant is hiding. Based on the Slow Food concept, where food is taken in small portions and served determend sets you can experience a completely different encounter with a food, captivating and inspiring. Before ordering, top chef or trained waiter will guide you to the whole idea of Slow Food cooking and serving meals. For a complete relaxation an excellent selection of wines will certenly help.

Ohridska Street 

Tel. +381 11 3166 816