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Apartment Belgrade Center - FLM089

Belgrade Old Town - FLM089
Apartment, duplex 45 m2, in the very center of Belgrade, in cara Dušana Street on Dorćol near Strahinjića bana Street on 1st floor. Comfortable and functional for up to 5 people to stay. Consists of a living room with unfolding sofa bed for 2 persons and unfolding armchair for 1, kitchen and bathroom, on upper floor a bedroom with double bed. Has air conditioning, electrical heating, cable TV and free wireless internet.

Apartment Belgrade Center - FLS016

Belgrade Old Town - FLS016
Apartment, studio, in downtown Belgrade, 27 m2, luxuriously equipped in Zmaj Jovina Street next to Knez Mihailova Street, near the best restaurants and boutiques. Features living room, fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. Studio-apartment is very functional and comfortable. Apartment - flat is ideal for a stay of one to two adults.

Apartment Belgrade Center - FLS022

Belgrade Old Town - FLS022
Studio apartment in downtown Belgrade, 26 m2, luxurious, in the new building in Žorža Klemensoa street which has direct access to the Republic Square and is near to all the best restaurants, and Bohemian quarter. Studio is extremely functional and comfortable. The apartment is ideal for 2 to 3 adults. With possibility of renting a garage within the building.

Apartment Belgrade Center - FLL016

Belgrade Old Town - FLL016
Large two bedroom apartment - flat in downtown Belgrade, 105 m2, luxury equipped, on the 4th floor in a building with an elevator. It is located in Dorcol near the sports center 25 May. The apartment is facing a promenade and the river Danube. It has two bedrooms, spacious living room, dining room, kitchen, balcony, bathroom and separate toilet.

Apartment Belgrade Center - FLM020

Belgrade Old Town - FLM020
One bedroom apartment, in downtown Belgrade, 48 m2, in Student Square, near Republic Square and pedestrian zone. Features large living room with sofa that unfolds in bed for 2 persons, fully equipped kitchen with dining room, a bedroom with two single beds and a bathroom. Best suited for up to 4 persons. Apartment has central heating, air conditioning, wireless internet, cable TV and its own parking.

Apartment Belgrade Savski venac - FLM094

Belgrade Savski venac - FLM094
Apartment in downtown Belgrade, 46 m2, next to Kneza Milosa Steet, on 1st floor in a building with an elevator. Features living room in which the three-seater is folding in a bed for 2 people, a bedroom with a king size bed, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and a terrace. Apartment has central heating, air conditioning, high speed wireless internet and cable TV.

Apartment Belgrade Novi Beograd - FLM095

Belgrade Novi Beograd - FLM095
Apartment close to Belgrade Arena in New Belgrade, 54 m2, on 3rd floor in a brand new building with an elevator. The flat is comfortable and functional. Includes living room with two three-seater that unfolds in bed for 2 persons, bedroom with two single beds, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and a terrace. Apartament can comfortably accommodate up to 4 adults.

Apartment Belgrade Center - FLM103

Belgrade Old Town - FLM103
One-room apartment in downtown Belgrade, 45 m2, 50m meters from the Republic Square in the vicinity of numerous restaurants, cafes and boutiques. Features large living room with unfolding three-seater, bedroom with a king size bed, fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. Includes central heating, air conditioning, fast internet access and LCD and cable television.

Apartment Belgrade Center - FLS009

Belgrade Old Town - FLS009
Studio, apartment, 25 m2, in Strahinjića Bana Street, in Belgrade's downtown, close to numerous bars, clubs and restorans. On the 8th floor in a building with elevator. Consists of: living room, within which is a double bed and fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. The apartment is suitable for 2 people. Apartment also has central heating, wireless internet, air condition, stereo, LCD TV and cable TV. Near apartment is public parking and garage.

Apartment Belgrade Center - FLS008

Belgrade Old Town - FLS008
Apartment in the center of Belgrade, 30 m2, close to National Assembly in the corner of Stevana Sremca and Svetogorska Street. Studio is renovated, functional and very comfortable. On the 4th floor. Has a living room with a two single bad, comfortable for two adults, fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. Apartment has air conditioning, internet access, cable television and LCD TV.
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